A best selling mystery writer must use a haunted trunk to find a killer before she becomes the next victim.

Murder in a Small Box

When best selling mystery writer, Tabitha Spencer, learns her life-long nemesis, Cleopatra Gleason, has committed suicide, she doesn’t believe it. She has always thought Cleopatra was immortal, like vampires and succubi. Quadruple the surprise when Tabitha discovers she’s the sole beneficiary in Cleopatra’s will. But, as usual, Cleopatra always throws a monkey in with the wrench. She leaves Tabitha an old, battered trunk with the request, “Use the trunk to figure out who killed me.”

So much for suicide.


Tabitha barely gets a breath before things get really weird. She’s the only person who can lift the the multicolored chest, everyone who see the old trunk wants to buy it, and a strange woman in black threatens Tabitha when she refuses to sell the box. To make matters worse, a detective thinks she’s a suspect in Cleopatra’s murder. And that’s all in the first sixty minutes. And then, to learn the trunk is inhabited by Leonardo da Vinci’s favorite assistant? That’s just too much. Following another murder, Tabitha has no doubt the old box is at the center of everything, putting her next on the killer’s To-Do list. If she’s going to stay alive and solve Cleopatra’s murder, Tabitha just might have to think inside the box.

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