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Sybil's Story Storm - Meet Sybil

Let’s start with that semi-professional version…

Sybil Ward wanted to be an astronaut until she discovered how high UP really is. She’s been a seamstress, a soldier, an electronics instructor, a training developer, an IT manager, and a web designer. Sybil now lets her love of paper control her days, from writing stories to crafting journals, with many of the journals based on her short stories and novellas. Sometimes stories are born from the beautiful papers, but mostly they arrive in thunderstorms.

Now, let’s really talk. 🙂

What you might want to know about me? Dunnoh, there’s not a lot to know, but in case you’re curious–

Sybil Ward

I LOVE comic books and comic book movies. In fact, I waited all my life to “see” those wonderful pages come to life. Captain America, Batman, Wonder Woman — I’m living that little kid’s dream.

I learned to read, learned to love reading, with those colorful sheets. Still love them, as I do fantasy fiction, mysteries, baseball, basketball, sewing, home cooking, and my addiction to paper crafting and chocolate.

Books, audiobooks, movies, and of course, Netflix steal my free time. Not a lot of that, but the nice thing about audiobooks is I can listen while I work. Music while I’m writing, particularly movie soundtracks, are stellar. John Williams and the late James Horner are two of my favorite composers.

The rest of the time is all about the wife, mother, and friends thing. Oh, yeah, and a passel of free-roaming cats.

It’s a wonderful life.