There are things that make you happy, and then there are things that keep you smiling – for days! I had one of those things happen this week, and yes, I’m still smiling. I mean, as a writer-hoping-to-be-an-author, how can I keep mug when I’ve made friends with a best-selling author?

Author JD Horn

JD Horn writes the wonderful Witching Savannah Series published by 47North. They are, in a word, wonderful, with characters rich in soul and personality. (I have taken a couple or them into my family. 🙂 ) He has, for reasons known only to him and God, taken a liking to this one, and I am so very happy he has. The feeling is very, very mutual.


So, why am I grinning? This week he featured me on his new blog featuring unpublished and self-published authors. I’m definitely the first (unpublished) and maybe soon to be the second, self-published. At any rate, it’s always a good thing to have someone, especially a famous someone, say you’ve got potential.

I’m hoping he’s right.

Thanks for the plug, JD. Love you much!

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